56 Tips to Make your Money Work Harder For You

Recently EquiTipz completed one year of its operation. With the year that passed, there were many achievements that we made. The main achievement, that I believe, is the most crucial for the success of EquiTipz  is the trust that we were able to build in  hunderds of readers like you, with the unique and useful content posted here on EquiTipz.

These readers included people of all ages, from all parts of   the world and with different mindsets. We are continuously moving towards our Mission to spread Financial Literacy among masses  so that they Invest Smartly to get Smarter Returns.

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I am listing below the articles that were posted on EquiTipz during the last months (since inception). In total, I have chosen  56 articles and I am calling this list as “56 Ways to Make your Money Work  Harder  For You“. I have been thinking of preparing this list since long but it kept on getting delayed for no reason. So, I thought of doing it on completion of EquiTipz’s one year. This list will be beneficial for those who are either new to EquiTipz or for those readers who missed any of our articles.

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Beginners Guide

The Importance of Investing

First Time Investing – Learn How Not To Fail On Your Debut

3 important things to know as a new investor!!!

How to invest in the share market?

How to get over the fear of Investing?

4 Golden Rules of Equity Investing

How to make money in the stock market?

Don’t let the Sensex Guide Your Senses!

Credit Cards

8 Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Credit Card

How are the Interest- free days calculated for my credit card?

How do I register for Verified by VISA?

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

Financial Education

The Basics of Fundamental Analysis

Why does a company issue stocks?

What makes stock prices go “up” and “down”?

Financial Planning

Importance of Long Term Investments

How Rs 1 lakh grows to Rs 50 lakh in 25 years

I defaulted on my SIP Installments; what should I do now?

The best gift for your children on the New Year 2010!!!

What is a ‘Reverse Mortgage’ Scheme?

Income Tax

Sold the Shares; Do I have to Pay Tax???

Investment Basics

Technical lounge – Valuation of shares

Stock Picking – Which stocks to buy?

How to decide when to sell Shares?

The Miracle of Compounding Returns

How to Short Sell: Earn in the Falling Markets?

Investing can be rewarding but is often uncomfortable!!!

Why Should I buy Gold?

Investment Tips

Strategies For Successful Investing

Market Fall – How To Recover Losses?

When is the best time to invest?

A place for cash


IPO Index Launched by BSE

What is an IPO? :: What, How and Why of an IPO

What is an IPO Green Shoe Option | Over-allotment Option?

Mutual Funds

How to Make money by Investing in a Mutual Fund?

Risk Factors related to Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds :: Advantages of Investing

Buy and Sell Mutual Funds Via mobile

Personal Finance

How “Inflation” eats your money silently!

Should I prepay my loan or Invest the money?

Importance of dividends

Investors beware of Brokerage and taxation!!!

Stocks Market Dictionary

What are the Sensex & the Nifty?

What is Stop-Loss Order? :: Pros and Cons

What are Futures and Options? – Saturday Classroom

What is CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)?

Price to earning (P/E) ratio & what it means?

PEG (Price to future growth ratio!) and what it tells you!

Earnings per share (EPS) ratio & what it means!

EquiTipz Announcements

EquiTipz Turns One ; Happy Birthday!!

Happy New Year 2010 to EquiTipz Readers!!

EquiTipz is reborn, to deliver you more…

EquiTipz is still Alive!!! Stay Tuned…

Write for EquiTipz :: Guest Author Program (GAP)

Free Investment Tips on SMS now | EquiTipz SMS Channel launched

With the aim of imparting Financial Awareness  to everyone, we promise to keep delivering more unique content for you in the coming years for you.

In the meanwhile do let us know which is your favourite article out of the above list and shower your love by putting in your views in the Comment form below.

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  1. Nice Blog and Very informative postings.
    I too run a blog where I post daily technical view on nifty.

    Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Intraday Nifty Tips´s last blog ..Nifty Levels and recommendation for Next Week =-.

    1. Thanks a lot mate…

      I visited your blog. You are also doing a very good job… Honestly speaking, I do not have an in depth knowledge about the technical of Nifty and how you come up with the ranges, support and resistances 🙂

      Why don’t you come up with an interesting article about how this all operates (explaining the technicals) and you can gain exposure for your blog also. Please mail me in case you would like to write for us.

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