EquiTipz Turns One Today; Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday EquiTipz!!

EquiTipz completes one year of powering Personal Finance today, thanks to all the wonderful readers and writers for all the support and making EquiTipz a success. It is such an immense pleasure and a touching moment for me as EquiTipz has been like a baby to me.

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EquiTipz is one of the few blogs available online that primarily focuses on topics related to Personal Finance, Stock Markets, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Income Tax Planning and other Financial products with a special focus on the youngsters and the ones who are new to the world of investments. In the first year of its operation, EquiTipz has delivered  high quality content on Investment basics and planning in order to achieve long term financial goals. I will soon be coming up with a round up of awesome posts written here which will be of a great help to you. (Subscribe to our Free Email Update Service  if you do not want to miss any of our Posts)

In the year that passed, there were a lot of ups and downs that I faced during the first year of operation and there is a lot more that I got to learn from them. I would like to share something on behalf of EquiTipz with all the wonderful readers.

How it  started?

In 2007, I accidently came across the concept of blogging and at that time I started a blog “The Links World” (which I do not update now). I used to share interesting links about various Movies, Downloads, Music, Softwares, Freewares etc. But, then I got into a full time job and had to give up blogging because of time constraints but all the time there were some ideas sprouting in my mind which could unleash the power of blogging.

Almost 2 years back, when the markets were at their high, like many others, I also started investing in the Share Markets. I still cannot forget the joy that I had when I earned my first profit of some odd Rs. 1100/- by investing through my friend’s DEMAT Account.


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What I learnt from this was, if one invests step by step and with a strategy in mind, Stock Markets can be very fruitful provided one has the patience to wait for the results to come. I wanted to share whatever I learnt, with the millions of youngsters and newbies like me.

EquiTipz is Born

When I made the first investment, I used to browse over the internet with millions of sites providing News, tips, Investment advice. It was really a headache browsing these many sites for a person like me who did not even know what Intraday means (Now I know that :P) Here, came the idea to give the world a service that houses everything related to Personal Finance and investing under the same roof.

EquiTipz was founded on this very day, last year i.e. 9th Feb, 2009. It was started with a thought in mind that there should be a place where, in addition to reading what the author has to say, there has to be more involvement of the readers than that provided by other sites. Then the blogging that I had left in 2008, made a comeback in 2009 and so EquiTipz was born.


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The Unforgettable Journey

We started as a free Blogspot blog (http://equitipz.blogspot.com), in July 2009 we purchsed the domain EquiTipz.com.  It was supposed to be EquiTips.com (with an ‘s’ instead of ‘z’) but could not be only because it was already taken. And then in December, 2009 made the move to WordPress with paid hosting service from Dreamhost and changed the look and feel to the present EquiTipz.

(If you want to start your own site, and are looking to buy hosting space, you may use the Dreamhost Coupon Code: SAVER51 to avail a $50 discount on any Dreamhost Yearly hosting plan.)

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In the past one year, we have achieved several milestones and our stats are as below:

  • Google Page Rank : 3
  • Alexa Rank : 4,60,000
  • Alexa Rank India : 50,600
  • Monthly Pageviews : 20,000+

We have achieved many other milestones apart from this, as recently we became a Member of the Stockezy’s Blogger Network. Also, some time back EquiTipz started accepting posts from Guest Authors and had a good response. Read here if you would like to write for EquiTipz.

Though, the journey that we have covered is nothing as compared to the vision that I have for EquiTipz, taking into account my full time job, still I have a lot to offer from the house of EquiTipz.

Plans for the coming year

There are a lot of plans that I have in my mind for EquiTipz which have been getting delayed for the past some time (thanks to my full time job). Below is the priority wise list which I will try to achieve in the coming months.

  • Changing EquiTipz to a Revenue Sharing Model : I have been talking about this for some time now. This is on the top priority list to make you earn when you write for EquiTipz. This is to encourage authors posting content here and in turn earning money from the clicks on their Google Adsense Ads.
  • Launch EquiTipz Discussion Forums : Again, this has been getting delayed for long and is on the hit list for the people to come and discuss about investments with different mindsets.
  • Launch the SMS Premium Subscription service : I have never talked of this before and this will be different from the Free Google SMS service and it will provide with Stock Tips, Intraday and long term stock advice, Nifty trading tips. It will be free for the first few promotional months and later be a Premium Service. (I am still in discussion over this service and will keep you posted here.)

Before this post gets any more longer (it already has), I would once again, like to once again, thank all the   readers of EquiTipz for making it a huge success among the youth and also to all the Email subscribers  for subscribing to our service.

What are your comments for the past year and suggestions for the coming yet another hopefully  successful year for EquTipz. We really need your love and an honest feedback to achieve the heights that we aspire. Please put in your word below.

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  1. Sir, vvery very happy new year to your baby..!! This blog has really proved beneficial to me whenever I required some tips in investing money in the market..! I am sure, many others have the same experience..!! Well.. i wish this baby continues with the best of it services and serves me and many others for the same.!!
    Happy Bday..!

  2. Many More Happy Returns Of The Day Equitipz 🙂
    .-= Babaji M P´s last blog ..Earn Money For Promoting Your Blog Posts =-.

      1. I like the idea of Revenue Sharing Model and Forums.

        And regarding the SMS Service …

        You gonna rock !
        .-= Babaji M P´s last blog ..Earn Money For Promoting Your Blog Posts =-.

        1. Babaji M P, I am glad that you like the idea of introducing Revenue Sharign model and the forums…

          These services are gonna rock with the loyalty of wonderful readers like you 🙂

          Keep expressing your views here as these valuable comments are gonna help the whole investor community.

  3. Hey .. congratz 4 completing your 1 year .. Have been following your blog since long.. All the best for the times ahead 🙂

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