7 warning signs that you have got too much debt

The world economy has not yet fully recovered from the damage caused by the global economic depression. As a result underemployment and unemployment are still quite common. Difficult climate demands prudent lifestyle. So you must get control over your finances and look out for the danger signs which indicate that some financial crisis may be approaching. The following are some “omens” which reflects the fact that you are treading along the danger avenue:

A Beginner’s Overview of FOREX (Foreign Exchange) Trading

Beginners to the world of investing are confronted with a plethora of choices regarding the types of things worthy of investment, as well as the style by which these things are bought and sold. Investors generally fall into two types, the ones who prefer a “buy-and-hold” strategy and those that wish a more active trading…

Debt Snowball or Debt Avalanche – What is the right strategy to Combat Debt

Consumer debt is an epidemic to which the materialistic human beings are very susceptible. Multiple debts can indeed make your life a misery but do you know what’s the right way out of this suffocating situation? Financial gurus suggest a number of approaches to eliminate your debt. Among them “Debt Snowball” and “Debt Avalanche” are two popular choices.

Should you invest in Highest NAV Guarantee ULIPs?

Nowadays, everyone wants to be rich in the least possible time and for that they are ready to surrender to anything that comes their way. The Insurance companies and the AMCs, taking full advantage of the situation, keep coming up with new product/schemes which are targetted to capture the interest of such investors. Some products…